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Evolution of Manufacturing Factory – From Assembly Test to Advanced Packaging

  • The anticipated growth of Semiconductor Industry by 2030
  • The role of Advanced Packaging to support the scale of Moore’s Law
  • Roadmap for advanced packaging for Intel
  • How is advanced Packaging factory setup different vs traditional Assembly Test Factory
  • Challenges in building a fab in Malaysia
  • Collaboration opportunities for vendors and Malaysia to make the industry more effective and level the playing field
  • Conclusion
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Teng Chow Ooi photo

Teng Chow Ooi

Sr Director Program Office

Intel Corporation

Teng Chow joined Intel Disaggregation Manufacturing Operations in 2021 as the Senior Director of the Program Office. In his role, his is responsible for overlooking the start-up of the Advanced Packaging Factory from design review, hiring, supplier readiness, technology transfer to factory operations.

As an industry veteran, Teng Chow has more than 20 years of various experience including FPGA and ASIC IC design, lead Product Test Development engineering and lead automotive qualification for generations of FPGA products. Teng Chow holds a bachelor’s degree on EE engineering from University of Technology Malaysia.

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