Accelerating MEMS Product Validation and Commercialization with IME ScAlN MEMS Platform

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There is strong interest in PiezoMEMS due to its unique piezoelectric effect property that enables precise control of mechanical motion, actuation, and sensing at the microscale, potential for miniaturization and integration, and their applicability across a wide range of applications.

However, piezoMEMS commercialization faces several challenges such as manufacturing scalability, integration challenges, reliability and rigorous testing and market adoption.

Addressing these challenges requires a collaborative effort among research institutions, MEMS manufacturers and industrial players to invest in research and development, materials and process characterization & optimization and reliability testing to drive a successful commercialization of PiezoMEMS devices. The 1st of its kind “Lab in the Fab” concept by Institute of Microelectronics (IME), ST Microelectronics and ULVAC, focusing on Piezo MEMS technology aims to accelerate and ease the transition from POC to volume production with the development of PiezoMEMS platforms.

IME ScAlN MEMS platforms integrates advanced modelling, simulation, and design tools with a comprehensive MEMS process building blocks, to enable faster prototyping and optimization of MEMS devices. These ScAlN MEMS platforms with distinct features will be showcased with examples of devices implementation for various applications, and are now available for application in MEMS-based products like speaker, PMUT, RF filter, etc.

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