Mix and Matching Chiplets with the Economics of PCB Design

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Industry has been looking for ways to implement high-performance system in package (SiP) solutions by mixing and matching existing off-the-shelf chiplets. However, due to lack of a universal standard for chiplet interfaces, and connections, this has not yet been practical and achievable. In addition, people have often depended on complex and expensive advanced packaging structures (e.g., large silicon interposers) to build their large SiPs. A new chiplet PHY technology that provides high performance (high bandwidth/power efficiency and low latency) over standard organic package substrates is presented. In addition, an innovative interfacing product that converts any chiplet interface to the new PHY enables practical mix and match of chiplets with different die-to-die interfaces and in different processes. The combined solution not only enables mixing and matching of chiplets, but also provides such option over standard packaging, reducing the total cost of the solution.

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Ramin Farjadrad

Co-Founder & CEO


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