Panel Level Packaging Requires the Same Wet Process Performance As Wafer Level Packaging

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In the landscape of semiconductor manufacturing, the transition to panel level packaging is a significant evolution. Despite the shift in scale and form factor, it’s essential to emphasize that the process performance requirements for panel level packaging remain on par with those of traditional wafer level packaging. The intricate processes involved in wafer-level techniques, such as precise interconnects, material compatibility, and thermal management, must seamlessly adapt to panel level methodologies.

This key message underscores the continuity in the high standards of manufacturing precision and reliability, highlighting that advancements in panel level packaging do not compromise the rigorous process demands established in wafer level packaging. As the industry moves toward larger-scale production formats, acknowledging the equivalency in process performance ensures a seamless and efficient integration of panel level packaging into the broader semiconductor manufacturing ecosystem.

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Herbert Oetzlinger

VP Business Development

Lam Research Corporation

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