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Innoscience’s GaN Power Devices: Reliable, Price Competitive and Mass Manufactured

GaN power devices are revolutionizing the power semiconductor sector by enabling power conversion systems (AC/DC, DC/DC etc..) to be smaller, more efficient, simpler and thus cheaper than ones made with traditional silicon power devices. For example, to date Innoscience – the largest producer of 8-inch GaN-on-Si power devices wafers – has shipped more than 170M devices that are being used in numerous applications.

Yet, there are still several myths about GaN power devices. It is said they are very expensive and that their reliability is questionable. These myths have made several companies nervous about moving into GaN.

In this presentation, we will destroy these untruths by showing the performance and reliability of Innoscience’s GaN power device technology. We will also show that by leveraging the economies of scale delivered by the company’s two large 8-inch high-throughput manufacturing fabs totally dedicated to the production of 8-inch GaN-on-Si wafers (which each enable ~2x the number of devices per wafer than 6-inch processes), it is now possible to provide price-competitive GaN power devices. We will conclude the presentation by showing how to take advantage of discrete (InnoGaN™) and integrated (SolidGaNTM) Innoscience’s GaN power devices to enhance the performance of power converters.

Denis Marcon photo

Denis Marcon

General Manager