Innovative laser assisted bonding processes for next generation advanced packaging

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Conventional assembly techniques like thermo-compression bonding, oven reflow, or thermossonic wire bonding introduce high thermal and mechanical stress into the contacts and the entire semiconductor package, leading to warpage, cracks, or delamination effects. Moreover, the increasing significance of the IMC-layer becomes crucial when considering further miniaturization roadmaps of solder-based contacts << 16μm using these conventional bonding processes. To address this, “PacTech” has been developing laser-assisted processes since 1995, which enable high dynamic local and selective heating and are therefore ideal for next-generation advanced packaging. Laser-assisted reflow (LAR) of C4 bump arrays and SMD-populated substrates, laser-assisted chip bonding (LAB) and debonding processes (LAdB) as well as laser-soldered wire bonding (SB²-WB) for high-power devices, will be introduced and explained as alternative bonding solutions.

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Matthias Fettke

VP Advanced Packaging Equipment


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